Volume 2: Anatomy of culms and rhizomes of Sedges (Schweingruber, F. H., Berger, H.)

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ISBN: 978-3-945941-42-3

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The book highlights the anatomy of culms and rhizomes of most central European Cyperaceae. Integrated are 13 genera and 120 species. All sections are double stained with safranin and astrablue, preserved in Canada Balsam and documented by high quality photographs with magnifications of 100 and 400 times.
The book is different from all other monographs. First it clearly demonstrates the anatomical variability of the culm. The form and the internal structure of cross-sections is taxonomically of great value especially the distribution and amount of lignified parts and the arrangement of and detailed structure of vascular bundles. A photographic presentation of all useful characteristics, a new anatomical coding system and simple keys demonstrate the taxonomic importance. Second, the book demonstrates the first time the anatomy of the perennial parts, the rhizome, of all genera. Since the study is based on one individual per species and the structural variability of rhizomes is enhanced in relation to culms, nevertheless we codify them and described the anatomical structure.
The anatomical sections are based on fresh material primarily collected and determined by the first author.