SOON AVAILABLE: Macroscopic and Microscopic Wood Identification of European Trees and Shrubs with a Focus on Eastern Europe

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ISBN: 978-3-945941-82-9

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Crivellaro Alan
Roibu Catalin-Costantin
Stirbu Marian-Ionut
Ruffinatto Flavio
Tomescu Cezar-Valentin



We first discussed about writing this book in autumn 2018, when Alan Crivellaro and Catalin-Constantin Roibu met in Suceava (Romania) and decided to write a students and professionals-oriented wood identification book. A few months later Alan discussed the need of such a book with Fritz H. Schweingruber, with the recognition that a new edition of his 1978 book titled “Microscopic Wood Anatomy” would be welcome. But the recent
development of a standardised list of macroscopic features for wood identification and its more recent applications could not be ignored in a book of wood identification. However, it wasn not until 2019 when we started to collect the material and structure the book idea in a concrete layout, with the essential contribution of co-authors Stirbu Marian, Ruffinatto Flavio and Tomescu Cezar. Therefore, this book provides a combined macroscopic and microscopic approach to wood identification and it serves as a manual for the identification of the most common European trees, shrubs and climbers, both native and cultivated. It offers a special focus on Eastern and Southern Europe as it includes species that broaden the geographical span of the Microscopic Wood Anatomy book.

We hereby acknowledge the following people and organisations for their contributions to this book: Prof Dr Fritz H. Schweingruber (†2020) who inspired and motivated us to share knowledge to younger generations; Prof Dr Climent Horeanu (†2020) for his enthusiasm and sharing numerous advices about shrubs species and their location; Acad. Victor Giurgiu (†2021) because he was a great mentor and forest biometrics doctoral school
founder in Suceava University – Romania; Prof Sergiu-Andrei Horodnic who motivated us, and for his support making the procurement of different equipment and consumables possible; Eng. Andrei Mursa for his technical help during the sample processing. Dr Ciprian Palaghianu contributed to the cover design. Special thanks also to Mihaela Tudor (Tulcea Forest Directorate), Daniela Moise and Armand Oprescu (Buzau Forest Directorate), Dr Florin Barbir (Vaslui Forest Directorate), Ovidiu Iordan, Dr. Florin Matei and Dr Ionel Popa (INCDS ”Marin Drăcea”, Bucharest), Dr Emanuel Baltag
(”Alexandru Ioan Cuza ” University , Research Station of Agigea), Basarab Bîrlădeanu and Claudiu Rogojan (Calimani National Park), Ionut Militaru (Putna Natural Parc, Vrancea), Catalin Ciobanu and Marius Danila (Trusesti Forest District, Botoșani) and Adrian Damian (Hanu Conachi Forest District, Galați) who helped us in retrieving important and rare wood samples. Also, we thank to all the students from wood science classes, who have contributed with samples during the last five years. We are grateful to our colleagues who made possible the translation of wood anatomical features, namely:
Nikolay Tsvetanov (Bulgarian), Kamil E. Frankiewicz (Polish), Alexei Oskolski (Russian), Milan Gavrilović and Pedja Janaćković (Serbian), Iryna Koval (Ukrainian). The Forest Biometrics Laboratory (www.biometrie.usv. ro) at the Faculty of Forestry of the “Ștefan cel Mare” University of Suceava (Romania) provided logistic and scientific infrastructures.

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